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    PS3 vs XBOX360



    PS3 vs XBOX360

    [ 1 ]
    33% [33%] 
    [ 1 ]
    33% [33%] 
    [ 0 ]
    0% [0%] 
    [ 1 ]
    33% [33%] 

    Total Votes: 3
    Quadra Aria
    Quadra Aria

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    PS3 vs XBOX360

    Post by Aria on Tue May 03, 2011 11:05 am

    Probably an old topic. But I wanna see 'YOUR' opinions about these.
    Personally, I like the PS3 more because I originally play starting from PS1.

    Advance Member
    Advance Member

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    Re: PS3 vs XBOX360

    Post by Gildartz on Tue May 03, 2011 11:51 am

    Hmm... I have older gaming history than you... First ever gaming console I had was a SEGA. the one that used cartridges similar to the ones on GB color... I think it was a FamiCon. But back to the topic, I have a PS1 and a PS2 but I've never played on a PS3 before. On the other hand, I've experienced playing on Xbox 360 so I'm gonna vote for XBox... I like the 'Kinetix' of Xbox 360
    Advance Member
    Advance Member

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    Re: PS3 vs XBOX360

    Post by HalcyonDays on Tue May 03, 2011 4:05 pm

    Both, because I never played any game with that consoles.
    But I think I would chose PS3 as I played games from Playstation1 and 2
    @off topic
    I think I played a lot more different gaming consoles than all of you.
    First of all, I played the original Gameboy (with a oldies Super Mario game that has a Pikachu ver.)
    I played the original Pokemon Yellow (with a JAPANESE cartridge and a Japanese GB Color)
    I played Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver from my cousin's cartridge (I have the manual but it got lost)
    I got my hands on a Sega Game Gear, with Tama and Friends: Tamalympics (another JP game)
    Played lots of Gameboy Advance games (from Pokemon to Kirby to Super Mario and many more)
    Nintendo 64 games like the first Super Smash Bros., Hey You Pikachu!
    Nintendo DS (KIRBY OVERLOAD and POKEMON MADNESS) -i love those two series so much-
    Sega Master System (Sonic)
    Sega Saturn (Ultraman)
    PS2 (some dinosaur game)
    PSP!(yaay, but mine got bricked)
    Too many consoles to list XD

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    Re: PS3 vs XBOX360

    Post by Sponsored content

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