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    Dog Days [ドッグデイズ]

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    Dog Days [ドッグデイズ] Empty Dog Days [ドッグデイズ]

    Post by Ushio on Thu May 12, 2011 8:32 am

    Dog Days [ドッグデイズ] 29363l

    Dog Days [ドッグデイズ]
    Episodes: 12
    Status: Ongoing
    Producers: Aniplex, Seven Arcs
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Shounen

    Shinku Izumi is a cheerful and athletic boy who studies at Kinokawa International School in Japan, and has a normal life everyday until he suddenly got summoned to an alternate world called Flonyard. The people there look no different from humans, except for one thing; they have animal ears and tails. The one who summoned him is Millhiore, the dog-like Princess of the Biscotti Republic, who requested his assistance in their war against the forces of the feline-like Galette Lion Army.
    After responding to Milihore's plea, he receives a sacred weapon, the Palladion, and is appointed as a Hero to fight for Biscotti in a war that unlike the ones in Earth, is waged with special rules and no casualities, in a fashion similar to a sports competition with the purpose to raise funds for the Kingdoms involved, where the winner faction claims a larger sum than the losing side. After winning his first battle for Biscotti, Shinku learns that when a hero is summoned into Flonyard he becomes unable to return to his homeworld, a fact that Milihore also was unaware of.
    The scientists of Biscotti promise to Shinku to find a way for him to return home in 16 days, the remaining time until his meeting with his friend Rebecca Anderson whom he promised to spend the last three days of his Spring Break with. Until then, he decides to keep serving Milihore as Biscotti's hero.

    Main Characters

    Dog Days [ドッグデイズ] 110092
    Shinku Izumi [シンク・イズミ]
    A 13-year-old half-Japanese, half-British boy from Cornwall and the protagonist of the series. He is summoned to the alternate world of Flonyard, the Kingdom of the Biscotti Republic as Princess Millhiore's "Warrior". He wields the Divine Sword of Biscotti, Palladion, a weapon that can assume different forms according to its owner's preference (in Shinku's hands, it becomes a staff). He has a cheerful and straightforward personality, always going at his own pace. Athletic and acrobatic, he loves sports as well. He was a first-year middle school student in Japan's Kinokawa International School prior to the summon. He can fire destructive energy beams from the tip of Palladion.

    Dog Days [ドッグデイズ] 113962
    Ricotta Elmar [リコッタ・エルマール]
    The Chief Researcher of the National Research School of Biscotti despite being the same age as Shinku. She is an extremely intelligent individual who is friendly at the same time, but her curiosity tends to get the better of her in various situations. She has a lot of friends in the Knights of Biscotti. She is working hard to solve Shinku's "problem", and is always intrigued by machinery that she does not know about and wants to analyze them. Tends to finish her sentences with "~de arimasu".

    Dog Days [ドッグデイズ] 110096
    Millhiore Firianno Biscotti [ミルヒオーレ・F (フィリアンノ)・ビスコッティ]
    Affectionately nicknamed "Millhi", Millhiore is the 14-year-old Princess of Biscotti Republic with a gentle and hardworking personality. Despite being young and unexperienced for a leader, she is loved by everyone in the nation. She is also a singer at the same time, holding events and concerts and appearing in person in front of everyone despite her status. She is also the one who summoned Shinku to Flonyard in the first place by sending her dog familiar, Tatsumaki, to open up a portal on Earth while Shinku attempted to jump off from some heights in school (because of his love for circus acrobatic acts), and is the owner of one of Divine Swords pair, Excelide. She chose Shinku as her beloved hero after watching him taking part in an athletic competition on Earth with her starzazing powers, but was unaware that a summoned hero cannot return to his homeworld and only found about that when it was too late.
    Milihore's surname Biscotti is also the name of an Italian Biscuit-like cake.

    Dog Days [ドッグデイズ] 113959
    Eclair Martinozzi [エクレール・マルティノッジ]
    A 14-year-old female Knight of Biscotti as well as the captain of the Imperial Guards unit directly under Millhiore's command. She has been training as a knight since childhood, and is proficient in dual-sword wielding. She bears great admiration towards Millhiore and holds her with utmost respect. She is always troubled by Shinku's "ignorance of the ways of the world", and has a very serious attitude, albeit stubborn. In addition, she serves as the foil to Shinku, and is a tsundere towards him much like Rebecca. A running gag is that she has an inferiority complex about her ears, as they are smaller in size but are drooping down as compared to the other characters. She can unleash shockwaves from her blade.

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